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Fic: Angel's With Dirty Faces 5/?

Title: Angel’s With Dirty Faces 5/?
Pairing: Eric/Rent boy Orlando, Rent boy Orlando/OMC
Rating: NC17

Summary: Eric is still haunted by the face of the rent boy and decides to go looking for him once more; although this time he stumbles across something he shouldn’t have.

Warnings: AU, Prostitution, Rape,

Disclaimer: I do not know either Orlando or Eric and I am making no claims to their sexuality. None of this happened, Orlando isn’t a Rent boy. This is written for purely entertainment purposes, I am making no money from this so don’t sue me.

A/N: Special thanks to chubby_bana who set Orli’s rates. Also Cock Pond is a real place in Clapham just off the Clapham Common tube station also not far up from cock pond is Orlando Road, its on the map. to prove the point. Thanks also to fanabana for informing that Clapham Common is a hotspot to pick up gay men, she also gave me the idea for Orlando studying Gymnastics.

Angel’s With Dirty Faces

Part 5

While Orlando spoke to his tutor Eric slipped into the bathroom, not wanting to intrude on the young man’s privacy any more than he already had done. He locked the door and peed before standing staring at himself in the mirror over the sink. He looked tired and he suddenly felt old all of a sudden. He washed his hands before splashing cool water on his face. He sighed as he leaned on the sink. ‘What am I doing? Getting involved with him could end my career’ Eric closed his eyes and took a deep breath, right now as much as he knew he shouldn’t he couldn’t help the feelings he was having for the brown eyed boy who wanted nothing more than to be an Olympic gymnast.

Counting to ten Eric breathed deeply as he tried to settle his nerves as he knew that the boy may very well be the death of him, but unable to turn away from the boy. He wanted to help him and he knew that he would do anything in his power if it meant he could keep Orlando away from pricks like the guy who had raped him last night. Opening the bathroom door Eric smiled as he crossed into the kitchen to see Orlando’s pert bottom sticking out as he searched for something inside the cupboard beneath the sink. ‘Fuck I’m going to go crazy.’ Eric thought as he watched the boy sway his hips slightly as he moved. Orlando stood up clutching a bottle of bleach, turning he smiled shyly as he held the bottle near his waist.

“Um do you want something to eat?” Orlando called as he moved away from the sink, passing into the bathroom.

“That would be nice.” Eric said moving to lean against the doorjamb watching as Orlando poured some of the lemon scented liquid into the toilet bowl and began to scrub at it with the brush, rocking on his feet as he worked the brush.

“Ok two secs and I’ll put some toast on. That ok with you?”

“That will be fine thanks.” Eric said feeling his cock throb as he watched the brown eyed boy cleaning the toilet in just his cut off shorts and yellow rubber gloves. He couldn’t believe how arousing it was to see the play of muscles in the youths back as he went about such a simple task.

“What will I need to wear at the party?” Orlando asked as he flushed the toilet and replaced the brush in its holder and moved to wash his hands, pulling off his yellow rubber gloves he dropped them on the side of the sink as he washed them beneath the warm water.

“As a rule it’s generally a suit and tie job, these people are very important. Do you have something you can wear?” Eric asked watching Orlando turn around biting his lower lip nervously as he shook his head no. “Alright looks like I’m going to be taking you shopping and before you say anything this is my treat alright. You don’t need to offer me sexual favours for this. I want to buy you something nice.”

“Thank you Eric.” Orlando said as he crossed the short distance between them and pressed up against Eric. Sighing as he felt the soft hairs on Eric’s chest brush up against his hairless one.

“You’re more than welcome Orli.” Eric said leaned down and placing a soft kiss to Orlando’s lips.

“Come on lets get some breakfast.”

Orlando slipped from Eric’s waist and into the kitchen once more, slipping two slices of bread into the toaster he moved to the fridge and opened it, leaning down he pulled out a carton of fresh orange juice. Setting it down on the counter Orlando reached up for two glasses out of the cupboard and smiled as he felt strong arms snake around his waist as Eric pressed up against him. He let his head fall to the left as he felt Eric’s warm breath against his throat before; he placed open mouthed kisses along his collar bone.

“You’re so beautiful in the morning.” Eric whispered, his hands snaking down to cup the heavy cock and balls enclosed in the tight denim. He heard Orlando whimper as he cradled the heated flesh of his balls, feeling the warmth through the fabric.

“Please Eric don’t tease me if you don’t mean to go through with it.” Orlando said turning his head to look at Eric.

“I’m sorry.” Eric said moving away, picking up the carton of orange juice he began filling the glasses. He couldn’t help smiling to himself as he heard Orlando buttering the toast after loading two more slices of bread into the toaster. ‘I could get used to this’ Eric thought as he looked up to see Orlando smearing Marmalade onto the toast and cutting it into triangles.

“I’m sorry; do you want a piece while the rest cooks?” Orlando asked turning around and blushing as he realised he had just made the toast the way he liked without asking Eric.

“It’s ok I’ll wait. Do you feel up to going out to find you something for the party today?” Eric asked as he watched Orlando move to sit at the small table, which looked like it belonged on a small patio rather than in the kitchenette.

“Sure, but I’ll have to cover this up before we go anywhere. I’d rather not have everyone staring at me more than they usually do. And I don’t want them to think it was you.” Orlando said as he licked the marmalade from his fingers.

“That’s fine. You know I’d never hit you don’t you?” Eric asked as he ran his fingers lightly through Orlando’s hair as he came close to him and looked down into the wide espresso eyes. “I could never hurt you Orli ever.” He whispered as he leaned down and captured the boy’s lips in his own, tasting the sweet and sticky marmalade on the boys lips. He cradled his head in his hands while he explored the depths of the youth’s mouth.

Orlando clung to Eric like a lifeline as he arched up from the chair, following him as he kissed him deeper. He didn’t want the contact to end. Threading his fingers through the dark curls at the nape of Eric’s neck Orlando whimpered as he felt Eric’s hands grip his buttocks and squeeze them firmly as he stood pressed against the older man’s chest.

“Eric your toast’s going cold.” Orlando whispered as soon as he got his breath back, he could feel the heat of the other man’s body as he was held in a warm embrace.

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